Climate Smart shrimp for people and planet

Sustainable land-based indoor shrimp farming without compromise.

Founded in 2008, Noray has developed an innovative and first of its kind, sustainable aquaculture system that produce award-winning shrimp all year round, in Europe

What experts say

“The cleanest product I've seen on the market”

REBECCA thomas, CHEF Kamya
What experts say

“We strive to order Noray to our restaurant”

Alfred morgan, business owner
What experts say


Dann smith, marine biologist

Sustainable production, zero waste, no additives

We address the challenges of today’s conventional shrimp farming by offering a green solution.

Noray's production cycle is zero-waste and based on a circular economy model, providing sustainable, natural, and 100% clean shrimp. Our water is fully recycled and the minimal compostable sludge can be used by local farmers. We produce high quality proteins while taking care of our planet.


Proprietary Microbial Technology

After more than 11 years of trial, error, and R&D we have succeeded to create an ideal and natural environment for our shrimp in an innovative, stable and sustainable aquaculture system, one of the first of its kind in the World.

The application of our cutting edge Microbial Technology with artificial saltwater, enables production of clean and fresh shrimp indoors and at any location without the use of sulphites, chemicals, or antibiotics.

Our Microbial Technology is designed specifically for shrimp,  which has limited biological risk and a low feed conversation ratio.

Our pilot plant has the first and only commercial shrimp hatchery in Europe , bringing the full production cycle in-house.


Distributed across Europe

Our in-house packaging and processing facility guarantees less than 1 hour from harvest to final packaging of our award-winning shrimp.

The product is cherished for its premium quality, taste, and texture – and it is fresh, clean and sustainable.

Sought by high-end restaurants and consumers that value quality while being eco-conscious. Our product meets the growing green demand without compromising on taste.


Sushi grade

Sulfite free

No antibiotics

Zero waste

Short traveled


On a mission to scale

Having achieved a proof-of-concept, we are seeking to expand the production of our Climate Smart shrimp to meet a growing European demand.

Our proprietary Microbial Technology is easy to scale on a modular basis using our long-developed protocols and we plan to reach a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes by 2027.

Artificial saltwater and zero-waste allow building new facilities at low cost close to major consumer hubs anywhere to provide a fresh, short-travelled, and green shrimp alternative of superior quality.

Award Winning

Winner of the 2020 Award “Best Tasting Shrimp” in Spain

In 2020, the Noray shrimp won the acclaimed “Taste of The Year” award organised by the Retail Food Excellence in Spain.

85 regular consumers of shrimp conducted the blind taste scoring the Noray product the highest across six factors ranging from taste to visual appearance.

Download blind taste results here (Spanish)